Monday, February 20, 2012

SOLI Vocation Video


  1. what a beautiful video...I pray that it will touch the hearts of any young woman who views that your community and your work in the Lord's vineyard will continue to grow...God bless, guide and protect you all and may our Immaculate Mother always strengthen your order


  2. Beside and in conjunction with prayer this video is remarkably produced in detailing the life of the Soli sisters and will be
    an inspiration to any young person who feels the call from God but is uncertain about what religious life entails. May many be called and chosen!
    Claire MacGrath

  3. After watching this video it makes me want to be a BETTER PERSON. WOW BEAUTIFUL SISTERS!!!!

  4. In our world so full of turmoil, sin and unrest, this beautiful video filled me with peace and a deep joy. And reminded me, as one of the Sister's said, that when we leave this world we take nothing with us except love...