Tuesday, May 17, 2011

March for Life 2011

This year, the March was attended by an estimated 15,000 zealous souls including ten from our little Community! May the Lord continue to inflame the hearts of Canadian brothers and sisters with a love for life at all its precious moments.  Let us never cease praying!

Some of our young courageous friends who are unafraid in the defense of Life!

Don't get lost in the crowd sister!

Sister Mary Benedicta Chatting with Matthew Granic while little Clara Marie has her own little conversation with Jesus while contemplating  Sister's Crucifix

Wonderful to see our newly ordained priests coming out to stand up for life

Seminarians for Life!!

An unexpected  surprise for Sister Mary Benedicta when she met up with some old friends, Sisters Laura and Julie of the Sisters of St. Mary of Nemur, Canadian Province.

Sisters meet and chat with Most Reverend Paul-André Duroche, Bishop of the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese

New friends abound!...The sisters greatly enjoyed meeting and spending time with  Bishop Carl Reid, one of the Canadian Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) Bishops who petitioned for unity with the Bishops of Rome.

Always nice to see our friends Father Taras (Terry)  Kraychuk , Priest/Monk of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Canada and Father Paul Burchat of Madonna House and Priests for Life Canada.

How precious is your life little Peter John Paul Joseph!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home from Rome!!

We thank the Good Lord for the safe return of Sisters Anne, Aracely and Maria Francis this evening from their pilgrimage to Rome for the Beatification of Blessed Pope John Paul II! Here are a few pictures! More will be posted later!

The Sisters together with Bishop Matthew Ustrzycki , emeritus Auxillary Bishop of Our Diocese of Hamilton, and his newly ordained cousin, Father Sebastian from Poland who is a member of The Camboni Missionary Fathers.

Just before Bishop Ustrzycki and Father Sebastian offered Mass in St. Peter's Basilica

Just outside the Colosseum!

The Sisters were blessed  to have Frater John Berchmans, CRNJ, a very good friend of our Community and fellow Canadian, be their tour guide for a few days of their pilgrimage . Frater John is studying in Rome in preparation for the priesthood. Here they are standing before a great statue of the the Great St. Paul!

First Mass of Father Bradley Markus

Some of our Sisters were able to attend the First Holy Mass of Father Brad at Blessed Sacrament Church in Kitchener and receive his blessing. Know Father that you will continue to be in our daily prayers!

Our Spiritual Brothers and Fathers

The sisters extend their congratulations and prayers to Fathers Paul Hrynczyszyn and Bradley Markus who were newly ordained to the Priesthood yesterday in Hamilton by Bishop Douglas Crosby at Christ the King Cathedral. May the Lord continue to bless these two young priests with an abundance of graces and blessings in their beautiful vocations.

Sisters Maria Faustina and Mary Augustine, who will be making their Final vows this August, were honored together with Deacons Paul and Bradley at the Annual Serra Club Dinner in Hamilton, ON, just days before the Ordination. Here they are with His Excellency Bishop Douglas Crosby.

Sisters with newly ordained Father Bradley Markus

and with newly ordained Father Paul Hrynczyszyn

After the ordination the sisters were so happy to chat with Bishop Matthew Ustrzycki who had just returned from Rome after the Beatification of Blessed John Paul II! Three of our sisters also attended the Beatification (and will return home tomorrow!) and were blessed to spend the day visiting some holy sites with His Excellency after he offered a morning Mass in St. Peter's Basilica.

NEW St. Joseph's House of Studies, Barry's Bay, ON

Still filled with the joy and blessings of Easter, the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate would like to announce the establishment of our New St. Joseph's House of Studies in Barry's Bay, ON. We thank His Excellency, Bishop Michael Mulhull for his kind welcome and support as we make this new foundation in the beautiful Pembroke Diocese and we thank as well Father Christopher Shalla and Father Brian Christie, pastors of St. Hedwigs Parish in Barry's Bay who blessed our new convent and offered the first Holy Mass in our new chapel. The Community looks forward in joy and gratitude to serving the dear people of the diocese through our prayers, and apostolic works. Our Student sisters will be attending Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy. Here are a few pictures of our new convent/House of Studies. Deo Gratias!

Our new chapel in waiting...

...and now ready for its blessing!

Father Brian Christie blesses the new convent and chapel

Venturing outside into the rain to bless the new study hall.

Father Christopher Shalla offers the First Holy Mass in our new chapel.

Sister Maria Faustina, Mother Dorothy, Father Shalla, Sister Bernadette and our postulant Denise.