Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Epiphany and A Blessed New Year!

Dear Friends,

Here we are in 2011!! How fast this past year has gone by! We pray that each of you had a very blessed Christmas with your loved ones and that the Joy of the great Feast of the Epiphany is still aglow in your hearts. Thank you to all who sent us cards, gifts, and greetings to the Community throughout the holy season. All of you, our friends, family and benefactors were remembered by the sisters in our community’s Christmas Novena of Masses.

This year was very special for us as the entire community was together for the great Solemnities of Christmas and Epiphany! We were blessed to have Father Tim Higgins offer the Holy Vigil Mass of Christmas here at the Marian Residence in the evening for our dear seniors. The Manger, the flowers, and the Gregorian Chant sung by the sisters all added to the peaceful beauty of the anticipated coming of the Divine Infant of Bethlehem into our longing hearts. Father also offered the Christmas Morning Mass here in our Residence Chapel…standing room only!! Our chapel was filled to overflowing with residents and sisters and the heartfelt singing of both the young and the old to welcome our new-born King poured out into the hallways greeting all who came to visit!

On Saturday, January 1st, Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, we were delighted and honored to host our newly consecrated Bishop, Most Rev. Bishop Douglas Crosby, O.M.I. for Lunch with all the sisters. Mother Dorothy brought His Excellency on a tour of the Marian Residence and our convent and as he , Mother, and Father House (who kindly brought the bishop up from Hamilton) returned to the dining room the Community greeted the Bishop with a glorious rendition of the Latin Hymn Ecce Sacerdos, (Behold the Great Priest). His Excellency was most kind in his words to the community, greeted each sister individually and imparted his blessing upon us all before departing for Hamilton. May the Lord bless our new shepherd and all he does for the up-building of the Faith here in the Diocese.

On January 2nd, continuing the celebrations, our six junior professed Sisters and their formator performed for the community the late 15th Century English morality play Everyman. Many surprises were in store for the audience! A gentle reminder of the importance of charitable good deeds done for the love of God. What a wonderful way to begin this New Year!

Fellowship forsakes Everyman in his journey to eternity, as do Kindred, Cousin and Goods

Everyman's Good Deeds lie cold in the ground through sin!

Beauty, Discretion, Five Wits, Strength, Knowledge and Good Deeds agree to accompany Everyman in his eternal pilgrimage after he repents, goes to Confession and does penance

Good Deeds and Knowledge assist Everyman in his last moments before death

The Angel comes to take Everyman to Paradise, followed by his Good Deeds

May this year be a time of abundant grace and blessings for you and all your families!

The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate

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