Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monks and Miters among us!

Last week the SOLI community was privileged to share in the joy of a young monk's initial steps towards ordination. frater John Berchmans of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem is a native Canadian, and friend of our sisters, who has been studying these last three years in Rome in preparation for Priestly Ordination. Since returning to Canada, he, like many other young Canadian religious whose communities are located in the United States, has been running into difficulties re-entering the U.S. The Canons had been preparing for frater John and frater Alban to both receive their minor orders of  Clerical Tonsure, Porter and Lector together at Our Lady of the Annunciation Monastery in Clear Creek, OK but the present situation made it impossible. Dom Daniel Augustine, Founder and Superior of the CRNJs, who directed our annual retreat a couple of years ago, contacted Mother Dorothy to ask if we would be willing to allow frater's ceremony to take place here in our chapel in Cambridge. We were delighted! Mass was offered in the Extraordinary Form and the sung Chant by the Canons was most beautiful. His Excellency, Bishop Edward James Slattery traveled up from Tulsa, OK to confer the ordination . Being able to witness frater's ceremony and meeting Bishop Slattery were both great blessings to our Community. Below are some pictures from frater John's ordination.

Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
frater Alban, Dom Daniel Augustine, Bishop Slattery, and frater John Berchmans

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