Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Blessings!

On the most blessed Feast of the Birth of Mary, our little community rejoiced to see three young women express their great desire to draw closer to Christ and His Mother as sisters of Our Lady Immaculate . We share our joy with you in the reception of Melani Slade as a Novice (now Sister Marie Therese), Rochelle MacGrath as Postulant and Denise Arnold of Atlanta, Georgia, USA as our newest Candidate. Our friend, Father Jeff Oehring, a newly ordained priest for the Hamilton Diocese, kindly offered the Mass in our residence chapel and the Gregorian chant throughout provided by the sisters was most beautiful. Please do keep our young sisters in your prayers as we do all of you.

Rochelle, Sister Marie Therese and Denise

"Denise, what do you desire?"
"I desire to become a Candidate in the community of the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate in order to prepare myself for religious consecration"

Mrs. Arnold, Catherine Arnold, Denise, Mr. Arnold, and Father Jeff Oehring

Rochelle is received as a postulant and invested in the Miraculous Medal of Our Lady.

"Melani, as a sign of your dying to the world and entering into a new way of life in Christ as a Novice with the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate, from now on you will be called Sister Marie Therese."

Congratulations Sister Marie Therese!

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