Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Vocation Vacation

SOLI welcomes the York University's Catholic Chaplaincy 
Vocation Vacationers!

This past weekend the SOLI Community enjoyed hosting of a number of young women from the Catholic Chaplaincy of York University in Toronto who had bravely ventured out on a "Vocation Vacation"! Together with their chaplain Father Daren Bryk , of the Companions of the Cross, and Mrs. Sam Cummings, assistant chaplain, the seven university students came to Cambridge to check out what a day in the life of a SOLI sister might be like! This was actually our third hosting of vocation vacationers!

From Friday evening until Sunday morning the group joined the sisters in their daily prayers and duties, listened to a number of talks by individaul sisters on our Community's charism, foundation, history, spirituality / prayer life, and on vocations in general with emphesis on religious life and the three Evangelical Counsels. We also had a question and answer session where the sisters shared with the young women their own journey to religious life.  In the evening on Saturday, the girls shared their beautiful gift of music with all of our seniors in Marian Residence Retirement Home. Be assured, vocation vacationers, of our continued prayers for you as the Lord leads you toward discernment of His Holy Will in your lives. Open your hearts wide and you will see the Lord fill it with love for His holy will...and the courage to follow it. God bless you!

Mother Dorothy shares about our Foundation
as Sisters of Our Lady Immacuate
and introduces the young women to our Community's founders

Sharing the gift of Music together

Sister Teresa Joseph enjoyed singing again
with some of her old friends from York University

One of our happy seniors who thoroughly enjoyed the evening of singing! 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tu Rex Gloriae, Christe!

Tomorrow is the Thirty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, and the last Sunday in the Church's liturgical calendar. The Church closes her liturgical year with the celebration of Feast of Christ the King. The Feast was instituted by Pope Pius XI on Dec. 11, 1925 and it is the most recent of the feasts in honor of our Lord. Let us celebrate this feast day with the Church in a tone of triumph. Let us rejoice because Jesus our Spouse is the King of the world and the Prince of Peace. May He reign in our hearts and in our minds with His reign of peace, justice and love. May Christ Our King blesse us all in a special way today and grant us peace in our hearts as we move towards the Advent that will usher in the great feast of His birth.

A most blessed Feast of Christ the King to each and everyone of you!
In Our Lady Immaculate,
Mother Dorothy, SOLI

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Thoughts from Father Ryan for the Year of the Priest

Father Lloyd Ryan, Co-Founder of SOLI
Priesthood: No man goes to heaven alone

These are just a few of the spiritual notes Father Ryan wrote for himself while still a seminarian. Father was a priest whose everyday life was a passing from prayer to charity towards his neighbour and back to prayer again. For me, reading over his little notebook is always like seeing Father again...everything that he wrote in that little black book so long ago was truly reflected in his priestly life, as many who knew him would agree. His love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, His devotedness to Our Blessed Mother, his love and fidelity to the Church and his vocation to the priesthood, together with his zeal for souls could be said to be his very person. May the Lord grant the Church more holy priests like that of our Beloved Father Ryan.

"The time has passed when a priest can sit back and not take part in civil affairs which concern him. He must get out there and speak and act when cause arises. He must not take a back seat, and let someone else do the talking when he should be doing it. He is a leader, and as such has the obligation to lead his flock well and look after their needs and their rights. He is their shepherd.

"Get out among the people. Show them you care for their good, that you wish to help them and are willing to make sacrifices for them. This will win more souls than words from the pulpit. Time, energy, sacrifice of self, though sometimes seemingly in vain, will all have their reward in saving souls.

"No man goes to heaven alone. He takes and must take others with him. This is true most of all, as regards a priest, for it is his work to take other souls to heaven, in order to get there himself. Therefore in all your duties, spiritual and temporal, remember our neighbour and never become individualistic. God has made us social beings and given us duties to those around us. Therefore we go to God through and along with our neighbor. Remember this especially in prayer.

In anything we do we must put all our energy into it—the results will be in proportion to the amount of energy and prayer we expend.

Remember always the teaching in “The Soul of the Apostolate”—it is the supernatural, the spiritual force which you have and which you must foster which will make your apostolate fruitful—it is God working through you."