Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Profession of Vows and reception to Postulancy

On September 8, 2009, the beautiful Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Sister Mary Benedicta Orawski and Sister Teresa Joseph Romero joyfully pronounced their First  Vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience with The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate while  Candidate Melani Slade moved forward becoming a postulant with the Community. The Sisters were blessed to have His Excellency Matthew Ustrzycki, Emeritus Auxilliary Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton present to preside at the ceremonies. Also joining us for the celebration were Father Wayne Lobsinger (Master of Ceremonies) , Father Malcolm Katzenberger, and Father Joseph Singh, friends of the sisters.
Bishop Matthew with our new postulant Melani
 Procession to the chapel 
After the Homily, His Excellency, Bishop Matthew calls the sisters forward and examines them on their desire, whereby they respond: 

I humbly ask to be allowed to dedicate myself to God and His Kingdom 
and to make my religious profession with The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate.
Bishop Matthew, after examining the sisters,
blesses them and they proceed to profess their vows 
in the presence of Mother Dorothy, Superior General of the Community.

Sister Teresa Joseph professing her vows

The Bishop next blesses the sister's religious habit and then each
receives her crucifix and the Constitutions of the Community

Sister Mary Benedicta pronounces her vows before the Bishop and Mother Dorothy

Sister goes to the altar to sign her profession. The profession remains upon the altar during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a sign of the sister's new and deepened participation 
in the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary through her religious profession of vows.

Lost in contemplation of their Divine Bridegroom

Be wise: make ready your lamps, 
behold the Bridegroom comes. 
Go out to meet Him.
Father Joseph Singh, Mother Dorothy, Sister Teresa Joseph, Bishop Matthew, Sister Mary Benedicta, Father Wayne Lobsinger, and Father Malcolm Katzenberger

 Sister Teresa Joseph , Bishop Matthew , and Sister Mary Benedicta
Sister Mary Benedicta Orawski with her family

Sister Teresa Joseph Romero with her family

Some of the SOLI family

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  1. Congratulations Melani!! I'm sooooo proud of you!! And I can't wait to see you on our next visit. I love you <3. And Congratulations Sister Teresa Joseph and Sister Mary Benedicta On your professions of vows.


    P.S. My letter will be coming soon Mel, I haven't completely forgotten about you :)