Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Final Profession pictures

The Wedding day of the Lamb

Entrance Procession

 Receiving the Liturgy of the Hours with a promise
to pray it everyday on behalf of the Church

Sister Mary Catherine receives her ring 
which signifies her espousal to Our Lord forever

Sister Mary Catherine with her parents Doug and Dorothy,
brother John and sisters Mary and Kimberly

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pope Benedict's Message to Youth

 Address of the Holy Father to Czech Youth
 September 28, 2009

Dear Young Friends,
At the conclusion of this celebration I turn to you directly and I greet you warmly. You have come here in great numbers from all over the country and from neighbouring countries; you camped here yesterday evening and you spent the night in tents, sharing an experience of faith and companionship. Thank you for your presence here, which gives me a sense of the enthusiasm and generosity so characteristic of youth. Being with you makes the Pope feel young! I extend a particular word of thanks to your representative for his words and for the wonderful gift.

Dear friends, it is not hard to see that in every young person there is an aspiration towards happiness, sometimes tinged with anxiety: an aspiration that is often exploited, however, by present-day consumerist society in false and alienating ways. Instead, that longing for happiness must be taken seriously, it demands a true and comprehensive response. At your age, the first major choices are made, choices that can set your lives on a particular course, for better or worse. Unfortunately, many of your contemporaries allow themselves to be led astray by illusory visions of spurious happiness, and then they find themselves sad and alone. Yet there are also many young men and women who seek to transform doctrine into action, as your representative said, so as to give the fullness of meaning to their lives. I invite you all to consider the experience of Saint Augustine, who said that the heart of every person is restless until it finds what it truly seeks. And he discovered that Jesus Christ alone is the answer that can satisfy his and every person’s desire for a life of happiness, filled with meaning and value (cf. Confessions, I.1.1).

As he did with Augustine, so the Lord comes to meet each one of you. He knocks at the door of your freedom and asks to be welcomed as a friend. He wants to make you happy, to fill you with humanity and dignity. The Christian faith is this: encounter with Christ, the living Person who gives life a new horizon and thereby a definitive direction. And when the heart of a young person opens up to his divine plans, it is not difficult to recognize and follow his voice. The Lord calls each of us by name, and entrusts to us a specific mission in the Church and in society. Dear young people, be aware that by Baptism you have become children of God and members of his Body, the Church. Jesus constantly renews his invitation to you to be his disciples and his witnesses. Many of you he calls to marriage, and the preparation for this Sacrament constitutes a real vocational journey. Consider seriously the divine call to raise a Christian family, and let your youth be the time in which to build your future with a sense of responsibility. Society needs Christian families, saintly families!

And if the Lord is calling you to follow him in the ministerial priesthood or in the consecrated life, do not hesitate to respond to his invitation. In particular, in this Year of Priests, I appeal to you, young men: be attentive and open to Jesus’s call to offer your lives in the service of God and his people. The Church in every country, including this one, needs many holy priests and also persons fully consecrated to the service of Christ, Hope of the world.

The Pope asks you to live your faith with joy and enthusiasm; to grow in unity among yourselves and with Christ; to pray and to be diligent in frequenting the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession; to take seriously your Christian formation, remaining ever obedient to the teachings of your Pastors. 

 May Saint Wenceslaus guide you along this path through his example and his intercession, and may you always enjoy the protection of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother. I bless all of you with affection!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Profession of Vows and reception to Postulancy

On September 8, 2009, the beautiful Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Sister Mary Benedicta Orawski and Sister Teresa Joseph Romero joyfully pronounced their First  Vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience with The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate while  Candidate Melani Slade moved forward becoming a postulant with the Community. The Sisters were blessed to have His Excellency Matthew Ustrzycki, Emeritus Auxilliary Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton present to preside at the ceremonies. Also joining us for the celebration were Father Wayne Lobsinger (Master of Ceremonies) , Father Malcolm Katzenberger, and Father Joseph Singh, friends of the sisters.
Bishop Matthew with our new postulant Melani
 Procession to the chapel 
After the Homily, His Excellency, Bishop Matthew calls the sisters forward and examines them on their desire, whereby they respond: 

I humbly ask to be allowed to dedicate myself to God and His Kingdom 
and to make my religious profession with The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate.
Bishop Matthew, after examining the sisters,
blesses them and they proceed to profess their vows 
in the presence of Mother Dorothy, Superior General of the Community.

Sister Teresa Joseph professing her vows

The Bishop next blesses the sister's religious habit and then each
receives her crucifix and the Constitutions of the Community

Sister Mary Benedicta pronounces her vows before the Bishop and Mother Dorothy

Sister goes to the altar to sign her profession. The profession remains upon the altar during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a sign of the sister's new and deepened participation 
in the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary through her religious profession of vows.

Lost in contemplation of their Divine Bridegroom

Be wise: make ready your lamps, 
behold the Bridegroom comes. 
Go out to meet Him.
Father Joseph Singh, Mother Dorothy, Sister Teresa Joseph, Bishop Matthew, Sister Mary Benedicta, Father Wayne Lobsinger, and Father Malcolm Katzenberger

 Sister Teresa Joseph , Bishop Matthew , and Sister Mary Benedicta
Sister Mary Benedicta Orawski with her family

Sister Teresa Joseph Romero with her family

Some of the SOLI family

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perpetual Profession of Vows

On the great Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady, August 15, 2009, the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate joyfully celebrated the occasion of the Final Profession of Vows of Sister Mary Catherine Perdue from the Diocese of Peterborough, ON. The Community is grateful to His Excellency, Bishop Anthony F. Tonnos, of the Diocese of Hamilton, for his fatherly words of encouragement and for his presence with us on this special occasion.

The week following Sister Mary Catherine's profession ceremony, Bishop Nicola De Angelis, Ordinary of the Peterborough Diocese, celebrated a thanksgiving Mass for Sister's vocation, noting the great blessing such a vocation is for the people of his own diocese as it marks their first vocation to religious life in almost 40 years! Mother Dorothy, and Sister Aracely were present with the Perdues and their family for the grand celebration.

"Receive the ring that marks you as a bride of Christ.

Keep unstained your fidelity to your Bridegroom,

that you may one day be admitted to the wedding feast of everlasting joy."