Friday, July 31, 2009

More pics from the VCI

A class on the Conferences of John Cassian with Father Thomas, O. Praem.
Father Thomas Nelson, O. Praem. ; class with Father was intense and profound!

Father Norbert Wood O. Praem taught on the Ideal of the Consecrated Life in the New Testament...Father may look serious here but his classes are both intensely intellectually stimulating and full of laughter!

Sister Elizabeth Marie and Sister Mary Catherine just outside the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. We just had to visit Our Lady's Shrine...especially since the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is our Patronal Feast!
Three Vietnamese Dominican Sisters together with Sister Mary Paul came with us to visit the Franciscan Monastery in D.C.! These Monks are the same as those who are working in the Holy Land. We were so excited when we heard that there are replicas of the Holy Sites and the Roman Catacombs in the crypt of the Main Church! It was so moving to see!

Just inside the outer walls of the Monastery grounds.

Sister Bernadette helped to form a Schola for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, with Mass being offered in the Extraordinary Form.

We enjoyed spending a Holy Hour in Adoration of Our Lord every evening during the two week VCI sessions.

Our new friends in the Lord, The Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church.

Sister Mary Catherine and Sister Mary Paul with Our Lady of Vietnam in the National Shrine.

Why I'd love to go down the Shanendoah River in a canoe!!!

Everybody say...JESUS!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vita Consecrata Institute, Christendom College 09

The Community was blest to be able to resume studies at the Vita Consecrata Institute this past summer at Christendom College in Virginia, USA. We had missed the last two years because of a Community General Chapter in 2007 and our Pilgrimage to World Youth day with 100 youth to Australia in 2008. It is always a very spiritually enriching experience to share your Faith and your experiences of the religious life with so many other wonderful communities from across the Nation! We met some old friends and made many new ones this year! God bless you all !

The Sisters with with Father Thomas Nelson, O. Praem., National Director of the Institute on Religious Life, and Father Norbert Wood, O. Praem. who offered the second session courses of the VCI from July 13-24th, 2009.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sanctity and the Priest

Since it is the Year of the Priest we thought we would post a few spiritual thoughts by Father Ryan, our Founder, on the priesthood.

"It is of extreme necessity that a priest be holy and perfect. This is evident, from the high dignity of his office, his dignity as an “alter Christus”, an imitation and personification of Christ, whose place he takes and who was all-perfect. What then are his obligations as regards sanctity? Namely this, that always no matter how holy and perfect he may think he now is, he must always seek to become more holy and more perfect. For there is no standing still in the spiritual life—the minute he thinks he is holy enough and need not strive for greater sanctity then does he begin to fall back. True, he will be tempted to this—the devil will try to convince him that he is holy enough—that he is no longer obliged to strive and seek perfection—he must be on the watch for this and then act immediately—for the devil is wary and wise and knows how to work on us, little by little to drag us down—until your dying breath then always realize your unworthiness, your dependence on God and keep desiring and praying for and working for a greater degree of holiness. "