Friday, May 1, 2009

Kids, Cakes, and Easter takes!

The Family Catechism Program for 2009 ended with some lively entertainment and a Challenging Year-End Quiz to test the Students after all their studies!

Some smiling faces as the students receive their certificates!

Congratulations to Catherine and Elizabeth on their completion of the SOLI Catechetical Program in 2009. The twins have been attending the Program for a number of years and are now graduating and preparing for University. God Bless you both!

Over the Easter school break the sisters were glad to have Sister Mary Catherine and Sister Mary Augustine home for a few day during Easter Week we all went out to the Formation House to get a few photos for our new community brochure and of course couldn't pass up the opportunity to take one or two at St. Clement's Parish where all the professed sisters fondly remember being wedded to their Heavenly Spouse!

Happy 92nd Birthday Mother St. Henry!

On the Feast of St. Luke we held a surprise party for Mother St. Henry and were so happy that so many of Mother's friends and family could join us on this momentous occasion!

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  1. What a lovely surprise for her and her friends, I wish her many more happy birthdays for the future.